I’m Back!

Hey friends!

Something like half a month ago I was happily writing away on my laptop, about what I don’t remember (and quite frankly it probably doesn’t matter), when my computer shut off.  Upset with myself, I plugged it in, knowing I had run the battery down.  Long story short, I just got my computer back after having the motherboard replaced.  I don’t even know what a motherboard is.

So here we are.  Career-wise, things are just as foggy as ever.  To say that I’m completely okay with it would be a blatant lie, but I’ve been trying to tell myself I’m mostly okay with it in hopes that repetition will make it true.

Anyway, all of this is just to say that I’m back and I will be better with consistency, considering I have a computer again.  Wow, this is bad.  K bye!

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